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Providing Veterinary care for Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Maitland, and the Greater Orlando Area.

Veterinary Services, Preventive Care

What are pet Preventive Care Exams?

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Preventive Care Exams are an essential component of preventive veterinary medicine. Many animal disease are manageable when diagnosed early. At Westmonte our Preventive Care Exam consists of a thorough evaluation of all of your pet's body systems. Pets reach their senior years faster than humans, and their overall health can change in a relatively short period of time. Skipping your pet's Annual Preventive Care Exam is equivalent to a human not going to a doctor or dentist for almost FOURTEEN YEARS if the pet goes to the doctor only once every two years.

What can a Preventive Care Exam Uncover?

Common conditions uncovered by a Preventive Care Exam include, dental disease, weight issues, ear infections, skin conditions, eye conditions such as cataracts, heart murmurs, skin tumors, arthritis, hip dysplasia, flea infestation, ticks, tapeworms, heartworm disease, internal parasites and much much more. many of these conditions can be serious or fatal if left untreated. Internal parasites are also zoonotic, which means they can be contagious to humans.

After the Preventive Care Exam

After the Preventive Care Exam, the veterinarian may recommend additional tests. This is determined by the doctor’s findings during the physical exam of your pet, your pet’s lifestyle, age and breed of your pet. Possible recommended tests include, Feline Leukemia (cats), chemistry panel (liver and kidney function testing), blood cell count test, thyroid screening, urinalysis, heartworm test, blood pressure, cytology, x-rays, tear tests, fecal exam, and glaucoma check(eye pressures). After all recommended tests are concluded, the veterinarian will discuss the results. Often times simple changes to the pet's diet, lifestyle and medications are all that's needed. Vaccinations or additional tests may be recommended.

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Your pet's Preventive Care Exam is also a great opportunity to discuss recent changes in your pet's behavior. Pets cannot speak our language, so they will sometimes act out when they are suffering from illness. A veterinary Preventive Care Exam will aid in discovering illness or disease in your pet.

It is recommended that all pets have a Preventive Care Exam annually. After age five, they should see the veterinarian at least twice a year. Pets with histories of illness will require more Preventive Care Exams more regularly.
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