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Intestinal Parasites

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Did you know that most puppies and kittens have intestinal parasites? Intestinal parasites, including worms, are disgusting and can be harmful to your pets. A regular deworming schedule is vital for puppies and kittens to protect them from intestinal parasites.

Puppies and kittens should be checked for intestinal parasites as early as 3 weeks of age. At which point, they should start their regular deworming schedule. Adult dogs and cats should be tested yearly and dewormed as necessary.

Testing for Intestinal Parasites in Pets

Veterinarians at Westmonte will test your pets for worms and other intestinal parasites by taking a small stool sample from your pet. Common parasites found in dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens include Hookworms, Roundworms, Tapeworms, Whipworms, Giardia and Coccidia. Luckily, all of these intestinal parasites can be safely treated with a veterinarian recommended deworming protocol.

Some symptoms of intestinal parasites are vomiting, coughing, anal irritation, loss of appetite, diarrhea, weight loss and worms in the feces. However, not all pets with worms will show symptoms. Therefore, fecal exams are a standard part of your pets Preventive Care Exam.

Helpful Hints to Protect Your Pet from Worms

Annual Fecal Examinations
Have your veterinarian administer deworming medication when needed
Flea control products will help prevent fleas which aids in the prevention of Tapeworms
Clean up your pet's stool regularly
Keep your pet away from other pets’ feces
Do not let your pets drink stagnant, standing or brackish water

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