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Providing Veterinary care for Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Maitland, and the Greater Orlando Area.

Veterinary Services, Cat Declaw

Cat Declaw Surgery

Declaw surgeries are safe, tried and true. Choosing whether or not to have your cat declawed is a big decision. We understand that cat declawing is not for everyone. One of the only problems with owning a cat is their instinctual desire to scratch and claw. This instinctual behavior can be destructive to your home,your clothes, your curtains and your furniture.

Outdoor cats use their claws to protect themselves from wildlife and should never be declawed. Indoor cats can be safely declawed by a veterinarian.

Cat Declawing Facts

  1. Studies have shown that declawing your cat can make it a more integrated part of the family.
  2. Younger cats heal faster, therefore the procedure is less stressful at a young age.
  3. Declawed cats still have their teeth and back claws to protect themselves from threats.
  4. Declawing your cat is cost efficient compared to the cost of replacing your furniture.

Cat Declawing at Westmonte

Our veterinarians at Westmonte are experienced with cat declawing and will help you decide when to declaw your cat. Having your cat declawed requires anesthesia. To avoid repeatedly anesthetizing your cat, we often recommend having your cat declawed at the same time as their spay/neuter if they need these procedures as well. Your cat should be back to normal in about a week. We will provide you all the information you need to properly care for your cat during recovery.

The staff of Westmonte Animal Clinic understand both sides of the declaw argument. However, it is our belief that if declawing an indoor cat will keep if in a forever home opposed to not declawing and sending that cat to a shelter, the choice is easy.

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