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Providing Veterinary care for Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Maitland, and the Greater Orlando Area.

A Family-Run Veterinarian Hospital, Owned and Staffed By Animal Lovers Committed To Keeping Your Pets Healthy and Happy

Westmonte Animal Clinic is a Full-Service Veterinary Hospital located in Altamonte Springs, FL. Our clients travel to see Dr. Matagrano from all over Longwood, Lake Mary, Maitland, and the Greater Orlando area. It is rewarding to know our clients travel far and wide and trust us with the care of their fur kids. THANK YOU!!

It is our goal as professionals and animal lovers to provide the best possible care from nail trimmings to surgery. We take great pride in the comprehensive health care we provide for both dogs and cats. We strongly feel the best way to a healthy pet is through education. During your visit, our doctor and staff will take as much time as needed to answer all your questions and concerns related to your pets’ health. Should you have other questions at anytime, give us a call and we will do our best to provide you with an answer, however, please keep in mind it is impossible for our staff and doctors to diagnose or treat your pets over the phone.

Free Treatment Plan

When was the last time you walked into a big box store and made a purchase without looking at the price? Our maybe bought a car without asking how much? Westmonte Animal Clinic understands that no matter what one's budget is, we want to know the cost before we buy. We feel veterinary care is no different. That is why it is our policy to present you with a Treatment Plan, after the doctor’s exam, that will outline the cost of any treatments or medications that will exceed that which is included in the doctor’s physical exam fee. While Price is important, it should not be the only thing that determines what veterinarian you choose. Cleanliness, quality of care, and of course you must ultimately feel comfortable with the doctor. If you have any questions about the Treatment Plan, the hospital, or the doctor herself, please don't be bashful, ask at any time before, during or after the visit!

No Extra Charges: Just What Your Pets Need For A Healthy Life

No one likes a veterinarian that exploits an owner's love for their pet by adding a bunch of unneccessary charges to the bill. Some doctors provide extra vaccines that may be required in other states but are not needed in Florida. Some charge for wellness blood work only to charge for blood work again for a surgery performed within a short window of time from the initial blood work. We don't believe in these practices. Indeed, if we recommend a treatment, it is because your pet will benefit from the treatment.

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Contact Information

  • Westmonte Animal Clinic
  • 230 S. Wymore Road
  • Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
  • (407) 862-6892

After Hours Emergencies

  • Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Casselberry
  • 195 Concord Drive
  • Casselberry, FL 32707
  • (407) 644-4449